Meadowvale Farm

Equestrian riding lessons, camps, shows & boarding services

Price list (listings include price, HST and total)

 1 month session of 4 weekly lessons: 

 Lesson type
 Group lessons
 Semi-private lessons   $168.14$21.86
 Private lessons (with Instructor)
 Private lessons (with Head coach)   $221.24$28.76

*** In months where there are 5 weekly lessons, one of the lessons may be cancelled ***

Single lesson (if less than the full month of lessons is purchased, the following rates apply per lesson):

 Lesson Type
 HST Total
 Group lesson
 $40.00 $5.20 $45.20
 Semi-Private lesson
 $50.00 $6.50 $56.50
 Private lesson (with instructor)  $55.00 $7.15$62.15
 Private lesson (with head coach)
 $60.00 $7.80 $67.80

Board prices: 

Boarders in the lesson program receive the following rates: 

 Item Price HSTTotal
 Outdoor Board
 $380.00 $49.40 $429.40
 Indoor Board
 $530.00 $68.90 $598.90
 Group lessons (on boarded horse)  $120.00$15.60

Board rates if not in the lesson program:

 Board type
 PriceHST Total
 Outdoor Board
 Indoor Board
 $570.00 $74.10 $644.10


Payment is due by the 1st of the month in which the lessons are to be taken. Payments provided more than 10 days late (after the 10th of the month) are subject to a $20 late fee. 

We accept cash, cheque or e-transfer. Cheques must be made out to "Stephanie Calvert" (the farm and business owner). E-transfers to

A $20 NSF charge applies to any cheques that bounce due to NSF. 

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