Meadowvale Farm 
             Equestrian Centre                  

Equestrian riding lessons, camps, shows & boarding services

We will be offering the following programs in 2022:


We are currently accepting students with previous riding experience. There are a limited number of spaces available for private and semi-private lessons on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and evenings from May until August.  As space becomes available, group lessons and leasing will be available for interested and qualified riders. 

We have VERY LIMITED spaces for beginners and at this time - due to a lack of suitable small horses will will only able able to accommodate beginner riders age 10 or more. 


We will continue to offer the following programs for our current members: 

- Lessons (private, semi-private and group)

- Lease opportunities 

- Showing at local schooling shows and horse trials 

- Participation in the Ottawa Valley Hunt activities

- Trail rides and other recreational opportunities