Meadowvale Farm

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About us ........

Meadowvale Farm is a friendly, family run, riding and boarding facility welcoming of both competitive and recreational riders. We strive to maintain a positive, friendly and professional atmosphere. We have an important team of coaches and barn staff who work together to ensure both horses and riders are catered to. 


The farm is owned by Stephanie Calvert. Stephanie and her husband, Damien Marion, purchased the property in 2005 and have developed the property into the Equestrian facility that it is today. We continue to upgrade and increase our services and facilities. 

Our team of coaches and barn staff work together to ensure Meadowvale provides an excellent quality of service to customers. Our goal is to provide superior riding instruction with a focus on safety and fun, excellent care for both our boarded horses and our own invaluable school horses, all in a positive social atmosphere.

Our team of coaches includes Stephanie Calvert, Elaine Calvert, and Shannon Holmes. Please see below of more information about each of our team members.

Stephanie Calvert - Head coach and facility owner

 Stephanie has over 20 years experience in riding, training, coaching, and caring for horses. Stephanie is a certified Equine Canada Competition Coach and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. She has many years of training experience with a variety of horses as well as a successful competitive career in 3 day eventing up to the Intermediate level provincially and CCI* Internationally.  

Stephanie has a passion for the sport of eventing where the horse and rider are tested through 3 distinct phases of competition: 1) Dressage, to test submission, balance, accuracy of the horse, 2) Stadium Jumping, to test the horses athletic ability, precision and scope over jumps that knock down, and 3) Cross country, to test bravery, agility, and endurance around a cross country course over solid obstacles.


Stephanie is the head coach at Meadowvale farm and coaches the Meadowvale competitive team. Our show team succeeds locally and provincially throughout Ontario and Quebec, and many students have won regional year end awards for their success. Stephanie has valuable experience preparing and coaching students in the 3 disciplines included in eventing.



Elaine Calvert - Riding coach

Elaine is an Equine Canada Certified Instructor. Elaine brings her years of experience and patience to coaching all levels of riders at Meadowvale Farm from younger students to adults of all ages. Elaine's patient and constructive coaching approach has helped many riders develop their riding skills and confidence. In her riding, Elaine has brought along a number of young horses, but currently focuses her riding on her horse "Viceroy".


Shannon Holmes - Coach

Shannon Holmes is an EC certified riding Instructor and teaches various levels of students. Shannon is one of Stephanie Calvert's competitive students. Shannon has trained and competed horses to the preliminary level of evening with a goal of competing internationally at the FEI 1 star level. Shannon has a positive and encouraging approach to teaching that brings out the confidence and potential of younger riders. 



Stephanie Lucas - Program coordinator

Stephanie is an Equine Canada certified Instructor and a graduate of the Equine program and the Kemptville College campus of the University of Guelph. Stephanie currently teaches a variety of levels of students as Meadowvale and coaches the dressage show team. Stephanie's positive and upbeat attitude is an asset to her coaching and managing of the barn. Stephanie has experience in a variety of disciplines including eventing, and currently focuses on dressage.