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2020 shows at Meadowvale Farm

*** COVID19 UPDATE ***

All activities are suspended until further notice. Once we receive guidance regarding permitted activities under Covid 19 we will move forward with shows and camps (as permitted). 

Horse Shows: 

CANCELLED May 30th - Upper Canada Development Derby 

~ Part of the National Capital Horse Trials Association (NCHTA) derby series

June 21st - Upper Canada Development Derby 

~ Part of the National Capital Horse Trials Association (NCHTA) derby series

July 1st - ESD Dressage Show 

July 12th - Schooling Horse Trials 

Entry forms and information to be posted when available. 

SUMMER CAMPS (age 7 & up): 

July 13 - 17th - Advanced / Intermediate camp 

For riders who are comfortable riding at the trot and canter and performing courses of small jumps 2'0" & up 

July 20 - 24th - Novice Camp 

For riders who have a base of horse riding experience but are not jumping courses yet. Riders must be able to ride independently at the walk and trot and have at least an introduction to canter, may or may not have started jumping (this will be taught during camp)

July 27-31 - Beginner camp 

For riders with minimal riding experience, both complete beginners or those who have completed introductory lessons or our beginner programs. 

Click here to fill in the summer camp registration form 

All of our riding camps will have one riding lesson per day and many days a second "fun" ride. Students will receive horsemanship lessons to learn proper horse care and management as well as refining and improving riding skills. Fun activities and "cool down" activities may include arts and crafts, treasure hunts, quizzes, etc.  Our goal is to provide campers with a fun and positive experience where they gain confidence and skills in their equestrian pursuits.  

A typical camp day: 

Morning: Riding lessons, snack break, horsemanship lesson

Lunch break 

Afternoon: Game or craft, snack, fun ride.  

Archived from 2019:

 2019 Derby Entry form and Class information 

Meadowvale Riders Only - Click here for School horse request & coaching form - Please use this for both ESD dressage shows and Derbies if you need a Meadowvale horse & coaching